A sexy space opera?….Me?

I have a confession to make. I’m not much of a sci-fi fan.

Unlike my hubby who grew up on E.E. “Doc” Smith,  Dune, and Ring World, I never had much interest in the genre. But, my guy loved those books so during that mushy part of our early courtship, I tried to give them a shot. I’d get through a dozen pages and quietly put the books down…hoping never to pick them up again.

Flash forward to movies and TV: He loved Star Trek (each and every version) and we’d record them on the VCR (so we didn’t miss any). When it came to Star Wars, I let him drag me to each movie. I was a good girlfriend and later a good wife.

Then something weird and unexpected happened. I started to like them! I got excited when Star Trek: Voyager premiered and the captain was a woman. I liked all the not-quite human Star Trek characters who were searching for their humanity (Spock, Data, 7 of 9 and The Doctor.) And, it was a lot of fun visiting a different world where the rules went in a million different directions.

One day after I’d discovered the wonderful world of sexy online romances, I read a sci-fi romance about a character that goes into heat. It was fascinating. Strong alpha male brought to his knees with a primal need to mate. Talk about putting characters in strange and uncomfortable situations. One minute they are totally focused on one thing and then all they can think about is sex–right now. I think we really learn about our characters when they’re naked and vulnerable, and what’s more vulnerable than really needing sex.

When I was looking for a story idea for my erotic sci-fi romance, I came up with my own twist on a character battling the challenges of  heat. He’s a hot alpha male who is gorgeous and honorable–and he’s in the business of saving women not compromising them. He’s not happy when his body demands sex, but he can’t ignore what he needs.

If you want to know more, read my book CAPTIVE HEAT! It will release from The Wild Rose Press on October 9.

So, after all these years I’ve come to the conclusion that I really am a sci-fi fan. Please don’t tell my husband. I think he still has those E.E. “Doc” Smith books somewhere in the house.

Thanks for visiting, Susanna Eastman


6 thoughts on “A sexy space opera?….Me?

  1. Intriguing concept for a romance! I would never have considered the idea of “being in heat” making a man vulnerable. Nice turn of the tables for the heroine…maybe.

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  2. Funny, I had the same tortured relationship to Sci Fi: reading Heinlein, Asimov and even Ursula K LeGuin in a college class left me cold, but I was *all* about Star Trek: Next Generations when I was coerced into watching it. Great post, and the book sounds amazing!

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  3. Susanna, you must share this with your husband–your love of Sci-Fi! Teehehe… What a wonderful story. Plus, your own book sounds very intriguing. Wishing all the best! 🙂

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    1. Hi Mary, Thanks for commenting on my blog. I appreciate your kind words about my post and my upcoming release. (My husband tends to like the “classics” when it comes to sci-fi (the science-y science fiction,) so I won’t be going there anytime soon.) Susanna


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