Great reviews from readers and reviewers for SOMEONE LIKE HIM…thank you!

It’s so nice to have reviews trickling in for SOMEONE LIKE HIM. As a new author, it’s wonderful to see people are reading–and enjoying–my book. And, I am so grateful that readers are taking the time to write a review. I know how much I use reviews when making a reading selection, so special thanks to those who provided feedback.

On Amazon, one reader wrote: It was a great story and I fell in love with the hero.” On Goodreads, another wrote: Quick, sexy, fun read.”  And on Barnes@Noble, someone summed up with : Short, sweet, sizzling.”

I was also excited to read the review from 2Shay from the review blog IT’S ABOUT A BOOK.  While she pinged me on a few nits, she had a lot of positive things to say, including:  “What did I like about the book? The characters! Carolyn, who goes by Caro at Fantasy, and Martin, known as Marcos at the club are beautifully written. I loved them. There are quite a few sexual encounters in this story, so I guess that qualifies it as erotica, but it is so sweetly written that it just screamed pure romance to me. If you can overlook a few things, this is a short read that almost anyone would enjoy. I would truly love to read a full length novel by Ms. Eastman.”

So, I am thrilled to be off to a good start.

Best, Susanna


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