SOMEONE LIKE HIM is now available from Loose Id

I’m thrilled to announced the release of my debut title SOMEONE LIKE HIM from Loose Id.

SE_someone like him_coverlg

Like a lot of writers, I’ve been pecking away at the keyboard for years. Seeing my book available from Loose Id as well as Amazon (Amazon!!) Barnes & Noble, Kobo and ARe is really a dream come true.

When I first started writing sexy romances, I found it challenging. I used to skip right over the sex scenes with “…and they did it.” Later, my scenes were a bit too mechanical (fit part A into part B.) But, I think I finally figured out the dance here–weaving together the physical with the emotional. I believe we really get to know our characters–and fall in love with them–when we see them naked and vulnerable.

In SOMEONE LIKE HIM we meet Carolyn and Martin. She’s an inexperienced math geek (who desperately wants some passion in her life)  and he’s a Been There, Done That venture capitalist. On the surface, they have nothing in common. But, digging a little deeper, they find what’s important together. They meet in a sex club. That seemed a great place to get naked and vulnerable.

My goal is a story that’s hot and steamy as well as sweet and romantic too.

I hope you’ll read my story–and fall in love with my characters too.


Geeky math genius Carolyn Hardy has lived a quiet, secluded life. She’s never dated anyone who could float her boat—and has no idea how to meet sexy and sophisticated men. When she finally admits her desire for incredible sex and romance, her confession leads her to Fantasy, a secret and sophisticated sex club. Martin Fuller has seen it all, done it all. Edgy sex partners haven’t been exciting enough, and he’s worried what will be next. Then, he meets sweet Carolyn and all bets are off.

They both understand the rules: Fantasy is for fun, commitment-free sex. Encounters are anonymous, consensual and focused on pleasure. A relationship is not on the table. Falling in love is the last thing on their minds.

EXCERPT (please enjoy):

He wet his lips, and her eyes focused again on his chiseled jaw and perfect mouth. “It’s important to be as honest and open as you can be. We’re here to fulfill each other’s fantasies.” He smiled again, and her insides turned into jelly. “My fantasy is to be with someone like you tonight—someone a little shy, inexperienced, lovely.”

“But why do you come here?” she asked. She imagined he had his pick of lovely women—inexperienced and otherwise—whenever he wanted.

“I like the anonymity of this place—and the equality. We fulfill our fantasies. It’s reciprocal. My work life is busy; I don’t have much time to date… I’m not much of a relationship kind of man.”

Carolyn swallowed hard and took another tiny sip of her nectar. “I haven’t had much success with men like you in the past.”

“Men like me?” His brow furrowed slightly.

“Yes.” He had to know how desirable he was. “I’ve never been with anybody who could…” She stumbled a bit, figuring out what to say. “In my world, I don’t meet many exciting men.”

“I don’t know how exciting I am.” His eyes crinkled at the corners when he chuckled.

She took in his eyes, his mouth, and all the rest of him. He was such an incredible package. “I think you fit the bill very nicely.”

“I’m glad, but if you decide this isn’t for you, all you have to do is tell me.”

“All right.”

“Do you like your costume?” He was giving her a look that said he did. Actually, he was giving her a look that said he’d like her out of her costume.

Her heart started to pound again. She’d never worn anything so revealing before. “Yes, I do. I’m not sure who I’m supposed to be, but I think I look like some fairy nymph out of a Shakespearean play.” Ugh, maybe it wasn’t a good idea to talk about literary characters in a place like this. This wasn’t a book club; it was a sex club, after all.

“Like Titania?” He surprised her by referring to the Bard’s queen of the fairies.

She nodded in agreement, pleased he knew Shakespeare and pleased he didn’t think she was a literary geek for mentioning it. “Yes, perhaps, but probably someone not so grand.” How frightening could a man be if he knew Shakespeare? “But you look more like a pirate instead of Oberon.”

“They did have the outfit,” Marcus explained with a small grimace, glancing down at his form-fitting black pants and white dress shirt. “I really wasn’t interested in being a fairy, though—even if he was a king.”

He made her grin. A sense of humor was always a good thing. “Yes, it’s hard to imagine a manly male fairy.”

“But I suspect you have enough magic for both of us.” There was a teasing glimmer in his eyes. “I really do.” When he touched her, fingering the silky straps on her shoulders, her whole body shivered. “In fact, I think you may have been born to be a fairy.”

Her mouth grew dry. That might be the nicest thing anyone had ever said to her. “Thank you,” she murmured and met eyes fixed on her.

Her body tensed, and she clasped her hands together nervously. This was it. This was what she wanted. This man, this Adonis, was hungry for her. She swallowed hard and looked away. Now what happened? Did he start? Did she start?

“Sometimes it’s good to just begin with a kiss.” Somehow he’d read her mind. A moment later, he leaned into her, his hands on her shoulders, and drew her close.

When his mouth touched hers, she sighed. This was the right choice—he was the right choice. His lips were warm, his tongue soft and probing. Already, his was the best kiss in her life. Marcus cupped the back of her neck, holding her near, drawing her into his intimate embrace.


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