My first blog post–ever!

First, welcome to my blog. I’m delighted to have you visit.

Second, please be patient with me. I know there are a billion (multiple billion) blogs on the internet, so I truly appreciate the time you are spending here. I will do my best not to waste your time. I hope my blog will be both interesting and entertaining. My goal is to provide you information you won’t easily find elsewhere on the Web.

Third, I plan to share information about my writing (and the TWO books I have coming out soon…more later!), the writing of others and writing in general. I love interviewing people, so I hope to host many wonderful writers on my blog in the coming months.

Fourth, in a previous life I worked as a corporate communications writer/editor (and loved it!) Nothing gave me greater pleasure than coming up with the perfect lead for an article (and if it was for a “dry” HR issue that was even better.) While I am only a so-so grammarian, I once taught a class fondly known as Nitty Gritty Grammar. I realized that many struggle with grammar and punctuation, so my so-so was actually pretty good.

Fifth, I’m the worst techie in the world. I am not bragging, but I just wanted to admit the failing right up front. There will probably be weird technical problems with my blog and website. I will do the best I can, so please be kind and don’t snicker (too much).

Sixth, I hope you will read my books when they are released–and I hope you will love them. COMING SOON are CAPTIVE HEAT, a sexy space opera novella to be published by The Wild Rose Press, and SOMEONE LIKE HIM, a steamy novella about a sweet young thing who meets the love of her life at a sex club, to be published by Loose Id.

So, that wraps up my first blog posting. I hope you’ll visit again soon.

Warmly, Susanna Eastman


4 thoughts on “My first blog post–ever!

  1. Welcome to the techie world of websites and blogging! I was once a newbie, but thrilled that I can now create and/or copy a HTML code, lol! Loved your post. Wishing you all the best, Susanna!

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  2. I’m rather jealous that my status as the worst techy ever is being contested. LOL. But, Susannah, we will get this figured out and before you know it will start zinging ‘likes’, and ‘shares’, and ‘tweets’ (yeah, right–I can’t even get into my twitter account), all over the cosmos, or wherever that stuff visits before it finds an outlet. Meanwhile, good luck with your soon to be releases. And you might take a look at my author page or blog. I assume there’s a place below for me to put them. My debut novel is coming out Sept. 4, a action adventure, sub genre historical time travel (whew) that I wrote thinking it was a romance. Oh well. The title is Two Hearts in Time.


    1. Raymona, I think we are fighting over a very dubious title. I long for the day when I am no longer in contention for it. Good luck on your upcoming release. I will be sure to check it out. Susanna


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