2016 Releases


AVAILABLE NOW from The Wild Rose Press

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2015 Releases

 SE_someone like him_coverlg                                 CaptiveHeat

AVAILABLE NOW  from Loose Id!                             AVAILABLE NOW from The Wild Rose Press

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12 thoughts on “Home

    1. Hi Allie,

      I very much appreciate your kind words about my website. While I’m surrounded by some wonderful geeks in my life, my ability to do anything techie is highly questionable. I’m so pleased that you’re looking forward to reading my book…and I’d be thrilled if you shared my info with friends. I’m new at all this, so it’s all very exciting to me.

      Best, Susanna


    1. Hi Raymona, Thanks for commenting on my blog. I hope my site–and my books–will help me find readers. Thankfully, I have a techie husband (and two techie sons) who can help help me with anything involving screens. Best of luck to you too! Susanna


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